Hi, and welcome to my website!

I’m a suburban wife and mom trying my best to live a life much more interesting than Charlene PWthat sounds. I love reading (though I rarely find the time), watching TV (always seem to have time for that), drinking coffee at 5:00AM all by myself in peace and blissful quiet while I write (or waste time on Facebook), drinking wine – red or white; (though tequila or vodka will do), music, exercising (okay, that’s a lie – I hate exercising, but I really love how I feel when I am done), the beach (best place on earth), going out with my girlfriends, and spending time with my husband and two wonderfully frustrating spectacular children (oh crap, should I have put that first instead of last?).

Also, I wrote a book called Frosted Cowboy (it’s a funny love story with a lot of bad language).ย Check it out!

5 star review