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My first novel Frosted Cowboy is out 8th February 2016 and published by Velvet Morning Press.


Laney Delaney was living the dream. She had a fabulous fiancé and a career as a couture wedding dress designer. But after catching her (not-so-fabulous) fiancé cheating and being accused of upstaging one of her brides at a wedding, Laney finds herself with no boyfriend, no job and no plan. After some serious soul searching and a few intriguing encounters, Laney is determined to start over. But can she learn to trust again and believe in herself?



Love on the Rocks (with Salt): A Novella3D-cover-love-on-the-rocks-v2

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride…

Laney Delaney, a wedding dress designer, thought her fling with Andy in Cancun was more than that—until he admitted he had a fiancée. Brokenhearted, Laney returns to LA and deals with the demands of temperamental brides and their mothers while trying to forget Andy (whose image is in her mind every time she drinks a margarita).

She meets Kyle, a young lawyer, who has just what it takes to heal her wounded heart. But when Kyle’s marriage proposal never turns into an actual wedding, and he spends more and more time at the office, Laney’s happiness sours. Enter a surprise encounter with Andy and an even worse surprise on her kitchen counter and what’s a girl to do?

A funny and touching prequel to the novel Frosted Cowboy.



One tequila, two tequila…

Take a step back in time with Laney Delaney, the fun and sassy heroine of Frosted Cowboy.

In this hilarious story, we travel back to Laney’s college days. When Laney and her best friend Amanda backpack around Europe, anything can happen! And it does in this exciting tale set on the Greek Island of Ios. So grab some tequila and get ready for a bumpy ride as you take off to Europe with this dynamic duo.

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I have also contributed to The Making of a Picky Eater published in March 2015.


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Dramatically changing the way parents approach their picky eaters, The Making of a Picky Eater put’s an end to mealtime battles, bribery and the stress surrounding feeding your kids! Instead, this book will show you how to raise kids who not only enjoy eating healthy, but who take responsibility for their own health. Learn why picky eating is dangerous, why what most professionals tell you is wrong, crazy recipes that kids will love and simple strategies and tips for raising kids who like vegetables. Don’t let another day go by without putting these simple strategies in place in your home. Here’s what one mother of a picky eater had to say about this book: I finished your book and LOVED it! I was guilty of so many of the practices that create a picky eater, without even knowing it. (Especially discussing my frustration about Soren’s eating habits with others, while he was listening. Oh, how I wish I could take all of that back!) We’ve already changed a lot about how we eat around here, but your book has given me some more great ideas. Thank you! –Elise, mother of Soren and Kierin