Hi. I’m Charlene Ross.

I live on the Los Angeles/Ventura County borderline. Yes, in the suburbs. But even though I’m a suburban wife and mom (which kind of rocks by the way) I’m trying my best to live a life much more interesting than that sounds. My son is graduating college this year (2019) and my daughter is in her first year. (You know that thing they say about “a blink of an eye” – it couldn’t be more true.)

I love reading (though I rarely find the time), watching TV (always seem to have time for that), drinking coffee at 5:00AM all by myself in peace and blissful quiet while I write (or waste time on Facebook), drinking wine – red or white (though tequila or vodka will do), music, exercising (okay, that’s a lie – I hate exercising, but I really love how I feel when I am done), the beach (best place on earth), going out with my girlfriends, and spending time with my husband and two wonderfully frustrating spectacular children (oh crap, should I have put that first instead of last?).

The best way to describe my blog would be a humorous slice of life. (Erma Bombeck, I want to be you when I grow up!)

I especially love to write about traveldrinking wineevents near or far, health and wellness (or is that vanity?) and the environment.

Oh, and I wrote some books. Well, I co-wrote this one. I also wrote a novel called Frosted Cowboy.

I also have a monthly newsletter (just once a month, I promise) where you’ll hear book news, a short funny story and a recommendation for something cool. You can sign up here.

Would you like to work with me? I am available for product reviewssponsored posts, brand ambassadorships, blogger outreach, and hey, if you want to send me on a trip around the world (with or without my family) I’m up for that too.

I can be reached at charlene@charleneaross.com.

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