Cabbage Soup Diet Diary: Day Six

Cabbage Soup Diet Diary Day Six: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: I lost another pound from meat day and have lost a total of six pounds –6 pounds!- in just 5 days. Hooray!

The Bad: Still hard to sleep. I’m hoping it will go away after this Cabbage Soup Diet is over. It’s weird though, I really did think it would stop after adding protein. (Maybe it really is the fat melting away!)

The Ugly: I cheated.

Sigh… I didn’t want to, but we had plans for dinner at some friends’ house, so I didn’t really have much of a choice. Cabbage Soup Diet Tip #6: DO NOT SOCIALIZE while on this diet. It is impossible to stay on it if you do. I don’t think it would have been the best manners for me to call my hostess and ask her to only serve beef and plain vegetables at her dinner party. And I couldn’t postpone because these are friends that we haven’t seen for years and this was the only date that would work.

I didn’t do too badly. Of course I should have turned down the champagne that was offered to me. But I felt like celebrating. Once we got there we realized that we hadn’t gotten together for dinner in almost ten years! (That’s what happens when you keep in touch via email and run into each other at the soccer fields and grocery stores – you feel like you actually see each other.) So I had a few glasses of champagne (champagne flutes are small) before dinner and a glass and a half of red wine at dinner. (Yeah, yeah, I know, mixing red wine and champagne – not the smartest choice!) For dinner I had Asian barbecued beef (yay!), vegetables stir fried in soy sauce and a sweet chili sauce (okay, close) and some rice noodles (I should have skipped that, but it was just a small serving). I brought a lemon cake for desert and had one very small bite and my girlfriend had a flourless chocolate cake and I had one teeny tiny bite (even though I really wanted more). That’s it. Like I said – not too bad. But I am afraid to get on the scale tomorrow and see if I’ve gained.

I knew I’d end up cheating, so I actually went to the gym in the morning. I know that one of my diet tips was to be lazy, but since I’ve added meat back into my diet I have more energy and knew I could handle a trip to the gym. It actually felt great to be there, but when I got back I was really hungry and probably ate more beef than I should have. Especially since I knew I’d be going out to our friends’ for dinner.

Oh well.

Tomorrow is the last day. Thank god!

Cabbage Soup Diet Diary: Day Four

Cabbage Soup Diet Diary Day Four – I made it over the hump.

The Good

I lost another pound and a half which puts my three day total at 4.5 pounds! Four and a half pounds in three days – that’s better than the flu. (And for the most part not quite as unpleasant!)

Also, today, for the first day I wasn’t really hungry. I woke up and had a banana milkshake made with two bananas, one cup of fat free milk, a little bit of cinnamon, a dash of vanilla, and some ice. Yum! I ate a banana around ten o’clock, the soup for lunch, another shake around three o’clock (which actually made me really full), and another bowl of soup for dinner. You can have up to eight bananas and as much milk as you want, but I only had four and a half bananas and two cups of milk.

Cabbage Soup Diet Day Four Banana Shake
Oh yes, my shake was overfloweth!

We did eat an early dinner so we could attend a high school concert and got home late and I will admit I was pretty hungry when I went to bed, but I didn’t want to eat a banana at ten o’clock at night so I just fell into bed and actually slept like a rock.

The Bad

I don’t really like bananas. Well, I should modify that – I don’t completely dislike them, I’m just very picky about them. If I’m going to have bananas in a shake I like them very ripe. They are much sweeter that way. If I’m just going to eat them, they need to be the perfect shade of just-a-little-bit green. Cabbage Soup Diet Tip#4: Buy your bananas so they’ll be at the ripeness you like on Day Four. (So if you do your shopping on Sunday to start the diet Monday and like very ripe bananas buy yellow ones instead of green ones. If you like green bananas shop just a day or two before.) In fact on Day Two I hid my ripe bananas so no one else would eat them. (Look, don’t mess with a cranky diet lady’s diet food!)

Cabbage Soup Diet Day Four Bananas
Shake bananas on the left and eating bananas on the right!

The Ugly

Remember that weird pain I talked about on Days Two and Three? Well, last night it came on with a vengeance! My lower back and legs were killing me. I could not sleep, I was in so much pain. My poor husband. I don’t know how he slept (but he’s a man, so he did) with all the tossing and turning I did. Even with three Advil and a Melatonin it took me forever to fall asleep on Night Three into Day Four. I do not know if it is due to lack of protein or my body detoxing, but I will tell you this – it hurt and I did not like it one bit. (BTW, if it was my body detoxing, my body must have been pretty “toxed”!)

I really do think the bananas and milk helped though, because I’m feeling much better today.

And tomorrow – tomorrow is meat day. Can you hear the angels sing? (I can and they are singing Hallelujah!) I have rare roast beef sitting in my fridge, waiting for me. (And you’d better believe I’m waiting for it. Hello Mr. Beef. Get in my belly!)