Whole Foods Whole Body Sale

New Year, New You, right?

This is the year you’re going to be fit. Be healthy. Be strong. How ya doing with that?

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit. (I don’t know who “they” are, but I do know that’s what “they” say.) Well, we’re a little more than three weeks into 2014. Have you formed any healthy new habits yet? Sometimes we need a little help. A little push. Or just an awesome sale!

Well, if you live in Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas or Hawaii, you’re in luck, because Whole Foods is having one heck of an awesome sale on everything that is going to get you healthy this year.



That’s right – vitamins, protein powders, homeopathic medicines – all that good stuff that you know you should be taking, but maybe haven’t started quite yet. (And if you are already taking them, this is definitely the perfect time to stock up!)

If you are a regular reader of my blog (thank you from the bottom of my heart, BTW), you know that I’ve been on a fitness routine for the last six or seven months. One of the ways I try to stay fit and strong is by drinking a protein shake almost every day.

Here’s my favorite shake recipe:

  • one cup of almond milk or coconut milk
  • one scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • a tablespoon of chia or flax seeds for my omega 3’s (I switch back and forth between the two)
  • 1/2 banana
  • a glob of peanut butter (yes, my very scientific measurement – a glob)
  • 4-5 ice cubes
  • and once in a while I’ll throw in some spinach or kale (You can’t taste it, I swear!)
Green protein shake with chia seeds. Mmmmmm!


Well, you’d better believe I’ll be heading to Whole Foods this weekend to stock up on protein powder. No matter what type of protein powder you’re into, Whole Foods will have it on sale January 24-26.



If you’re a vegan and whey powder is not for you…



If you prefer your protein powder made from hemp (hey, I’m not judging!)…



If you like your protein gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, hypoallergenic and vegan then this one will make you feel like a warrior (and give you extra stamina to hold that warrior pose even longer in your next yoga class)…



They even have protein powder for people who dig Fabio (I kid you not)…

If you drink this will you look like or perhaps be able to date Fabio? Maybe.


What I’m trying to say is, if you’re into protein shakes, then Whole Foods definitely has a protein powder for you. (Oh and the chia and flax seeds I throw in – they’re on sale this weekend too!)

Another thing I’ll be stocking up on at the Whole Food Whole Body Sale is vitamins and homeopathic medicine. I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on my blog, but I will tell you that I am a big believer in supplement taking.

Every day I try to take:

  • Vitamin D (helps me hold onto that calcium being sucked out of my bones due to being a middle aged woman how unfairly the universe treats women’s bodies, is good for warding off colds, and is good for your skin)
  • CoQ10 (great source of anti-oxidants which is great for your heart – and your skin!)
  • Fish oil or Krill oil (good for brain power and reduces signs of aging)
  • Vitamin B (increases energy and is really, really good for your skin)

So in case you haven’t noticed I take vitamins because I’m incredibly vain and terrified of looking my age I like to be healthy.

And because it’s cold and flu season I like to have a lot of Emergen-C and Boiron products on hand. I’ve only been sick once in the last two years and I truly believe it’s because I load up on vitamins and homeopathic products when other people around me are sick. I swear by taking Emergen-C to keep colds away and taking Boiron products at the very first sign of cold or flu if those sneaky viruses somehow slip their way into my body despite my best efforts to keep them at bay. Trust me if you do get sick and take a product like Boiron right away, you won’t feel nearly as bad. (In my opinion anyway. Like I said, I’m not a doctor.)

Good stuff here people, good stuff!


So, if you really are wanting a new and improved you this year (and live in Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas or Hawaii) you might want to consider heading out to Whole Foods this weekend (Jan 24-26) to stock up on some fabulous health items. And if you end up in the Thousand Oaks store you might just bump into me. (I might or might not be the one with Fabio in my cart.)


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market, but my opinions on supplement taking and almost-daily habit of protein shake drinking are still 100% true.

Cabbage Soup Diet Diary: Day Five

Cabbage Soup Diet Diary Day Five – first the good news: Hello Meat! Now the bad news. I only lost half a pound on banana day. I know, I know, that’s still a lot and I’ve lost 5 pounds in only four days. But I always want more! More, More, MORE! (Usually more food!)

But Cabbage Soup Diet Day Five – Meat Day! Meat Day! How I adore you Meat Day!

This is what I had for breakfast:

Cabbage Soup Diet Day Five Beef
Even better than a baked potato!

Roast beef rolls with horseradish (horseradish as zero calories so I don’t think that’s cheating) and tomatoes. Delish! I didn’t need to eat again until lunch. For lunch I had a bowl of soup and a couple more roast beef rolls.

After lunch I went out and ran a bunch of errands and was gone for five hours. This was the first time this week I’ve gone five hours straight (except when I was sleeping) without food. And I wasn’t hungry! The only problem was I left my water bottle at home and was really thirsty. Cabbage Soup Diet Tip #5: Drink lots of water. Especially on meat day. (And don’t forget your water bottle!)

Also the great thing about today was I got to eat the same dinner as my family for the first time in five days. That was nice. (I think they liked that too.) I barbecued hamburgers. Mine was six ounces! The bummer was I didn’t get to put cheese and mayonnaise on it like I usually do (probably has a lot to do with why I need to lose weight in the first place) but it was still delicious. I did put on Gulden’s brown mustard and dill pickles. I guess that technically counts as cheating – but we’re talking an extra 10 calories and no fat so I don’t care. (And no, I didn’t have a bun. I actually almost never have a bun when I eat hamburgers at home.)

I guess I also technically cheated as I made a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers when I was only supposed to be having tomatoes. But I figure if I’m supposed to eat the soup, which is all vegetables, I can have a salad. I did not put dressing on the salad – just squeezed some lemon juice on it. It was actually pretty good. We eat salad most nights with dinner. I always make my own balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing because it’s healthier and tastes better, but I might try the lemon trick a couple of times a week to keep the weight off. Of course I usually throw some blue cheese chunks in the salad too. Might have to also stop doing that. GRRR!

The strictness of this Cabbage Soup Diet has actually made me hyper aware of all the little things I usually eat throughout the day that I don’t think about. In the morning when I put cream cheese on Marley’s bagel I’ll scrape the excess cream cheese off the knife with my finger and lick it off my finger. (Mmmm… cream cheese!) When I put cheese on cheeseburgers, if I’ve cut  a little too much I’ll eat the extra. Yesterday a pretzel fell on the table when lunches were being packed and usually I’d just pop it in my mouth. These are all very small things, but they all add up. I’m going to try very hard to stop doing those things when this diet is (thankfully) over.

The achy pain is getting better, but it’s still there and it’s still difficult to get to sleep. I have a new theory though. I think it’s the fat just melting away. Hmmm… not likely, but to make myself feel better I think I’ll stick with that!

Just two more days to go. (And more meat on Day Six. Hooray!)

Cabbage Soup Diary: Day Three

Stupid Cabbage Soup Diet! Yesterday I woke up to a yummy buttery baked potato. Today I get butternut squash and pomegranate seeds. I like butternut squash and pomegranate seeds, but I’d rather have a buttery baked potato. I’m already dreaming of the banana milkshake I’ll be having for breakfast tomorrow.

Also, I miss coffee. Yogi Green Tea is fine. In fact I really like it and it gives me (some of) the caffeine boost I need, but it’s just not the same as my decadent hell-of-a-lotta-cream-and-sugar coffee. I know the cream and sugar isn’t great if you’re trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight, but I only drink 2 cups a day and it makes me happy. I’m 47-years-old. I like things in life that make me happy. I’m not giving up my damn coffee. Well, except for this week.

Yogi Green tea fortune
The only thing multiplying is the hunger in my stomach

I lost another pound and a half, so that’s three pounds in two days. That might be worth giving up coffee for a week. Maybe. (Oh and if any of you are wondering if I’m ever going to disclose how much I weigh – forget it. I’ve already told you how old I am. That’s all you get to know!)

It was a little harder to sleep last night. I forgot the Melatonin because I was so tired (probably from depriving my body of calories) I just sort of fell into bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with that achy muscle deterioration/body detoxing whatever it is pain, but it wasn’t too bad.

I’m not going to lie. I thought this would be a little easier today because of the variety of fruits and vegetables, but it’s not. I’m never tempted to cheat, but I’m conscious almost all day long that I really don’t have enough food in me. At least not the right kind of food.

The morning wasn’t too bad. I had my pomegranate and squash for breakfast, then about an hour later I had some mango, avocado and grapes. That held me over until my delicious (notice the italics to emphasize my sarcasm) cabbage soup diet soup for lunch. Okay, so lunch was at 11:30. But still. That’s not too bad. I snacked all afternoon on snap peas and mini peppers.

Gas-X continues to be my friend. (For the most part.)

Cabbage Soup Diet Tip #3: Do not work out. Be lazy! One of the biggest bummers for me about this diet (you know other than the extreme hunger) is that I can’t work out. Well, it doesn’t say that you can’t work out, but I just don’t have the energy. Or the strength. I know that some of you will look at this as an advantage, but I actually like going to the gym and it kind of seems ironic that to lose weight quickly I have to give up working out for a week.

For dinner I roasted some vegetables and okay, okay, I cheated! I put on the tiniest bit of olive oil on my vegetables. I couldn’t help it. I wanted my roasted asparagus to taste good. (And it did – it really, really did!) But I didn’t slather it on like I usually do. I just sprayed some on with one of those little Misto Olive Oil Sprayers, so even though it is oil, it comes out more like Pam and it’s really just a tiny bit.

Tonight I made my family breakfast for dinner – scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, bacon, hash brown patties and toast and I did not lick my bacony fingers or sneak one bite. So that has to count for something right?

Again, off to bed early. I think I’m going to dream of the bananas smoothie I’ll be having tomorrow!