Awesome Graduation Announcements from Minted

My firstborn will be graduating high school in a little less than three months and two months after that he’ll be out the door and off to college. (Which in mom-time is even less than the blink of an eye.) He’s got so much to do in that short amount of time and has so many important decisions to make. He needs to decide which college he’ll choose, where he’s going to get a summer job, who he’s going to ask to prom.

Of course I have a lot of important decisions to make too. How many people should I invite to his graduation party? What is the proper amount of time to wait before turning his bedroom into my office? What is the best brand of waterproof mascara to wear to this graduation ceremony?

And I have to choose his graduation announcements. They’ve come a long way since I graduated high school. My graduation announcement was a generic “Class of 83” fold-over card that you stuck a smaller card with your name on it into a little slot. They were pretty boring.

Thanks to the generic graduation announcement is a thing of the past. So if you’re looking for a place to find a graduation card that is as unique as your high school senior click here.

Take a look at some of minted’s awesome selection below:

Whether your looking for an announcement or an invitation, if classic designs are your thing, you can’t go wrong with this card.

Classic and classy!

If you like something more modern showing off your son or daughter’s cute mug you might prefer a card like this.

So handsome!

If you’re a braggy type of parent you have a high achiever you might like a card that showcases your graduate’s many accomplishments with a card like this.

That’s one fantastic senior year!

And if you really want to show your faraway family that your kid’s got the goods you can even order an announcement that’s a book!

Graduation announcement booklet
Great for kids with extended families that live far away.

One of the many things I love about is the fact that they give you different colors to choose from for most types of announcements or invitations. (Like in this whimsical one.)

whimsical graduation announcement
Both are so cute! Which one would you choose?

Speaking of whimsical, I love this graduation party invitation. (So cute!)


And of course you can get matching thank you cards


and fancy envelopes.

Graduation envelope

So what will I be choosing for my graduate? Hmmm… I don’t know.

As the mother of an athlete, I have to admit I really love this card.


I especially like the way it looks when I plug Chandler in there.

No, Chandler’s not going to UCONN (but maybe after seeing this announcement they’ll want him to)!

Did I mention that you can preview your cards before buying them? See the little exclamation point on Chandler’s picture above? That’s an alert from minted telling me the picture will not print well due to its low resolution, so I’ll need to choose another photo. I feel confident that when I place an order with minted it will turn out perfectly.

I really like this announcement.

Graduation anouncement

Of course I’ll have to get a better picture. (Something a bit crisper without a messy kitchen counter in the background.) And it would also probably help if we knew where Chandler was going to school. (Nope, sorry, Awesome U in Not California is not a real school!)

But I also really like this one.

Graduation announcement off to college
He may be traveling when he goes to college but he’s leaving his heart in California. (I hope.)

It’s going to be tough to pick which one I like best. But the good news is, all the cards at are so great, it’s impossible to go wrong.

If you haven’t ordered your graduation announcements and invitations yet, I highly suggest you give a look. It takes about two weeks to get your order with standard shipping, so there’s still time. But you’d better hurry – you know that time will be gone in the blink of an eye!

Disclosure: I was given a credit by to facilitate this review, but the opinions of the awesomeness of Minted expressed are 100% my own. (But you don’t have to trust me – you have eyes don’t you?)

Photo credit of Chandler running: Debby Pattiz

Save the Date (and Beyond) with Minted

Dave and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in March. It doesn’t seem possible that the cute guy I had a crush on during a college internship has been stealing my covers on a nightly basis for the past two decades.

wedding photo
Can you tell how faded this photo is after facing a window in our living room for the past (almost) 20 years?


Weddings are so different now than they were when we got married.

Bridesmaid dresses don’t have to match anymore. Or look so bridesmaidey. (Thank god!)

The number of attendants can be lopsided. (Oh how I wish I’d had my five best girlfriends stand up with me instead of only two because Dave only wanted two groomsmen. But you know, back in the 90’s people didn’t do things like that.)

And the invitations? Ugh.

Okay my invitations were actually lovely, so maybe ugh is too strong a word. Perhaps I should say, “Yawn.”

I remember sitting in the back of the party store with my mom looking at book after book of plain white and plain ivory invitations. I think I finally just picked one before my eyes started to cross. And so I could get the heck out of that party store.

Wedding invitations are so much more interesting now. They can be classical or whimsical or cultural and can reflect your personality so much more than plain ivory cardstock. And you can order them from the comfort of your own home while you and your fiancé are snuggled together in your matching jammies on the couch, with your tablet resting comfortably on your laps.

And all the rage now are the Save the Date cards like the ones below from

Love these whimsical cards – so cute!


Making your guests travel to witness your nuptials? These “destination” save-the-date cards are adorable.


For the bride that likes to keep things simple.




And of course just as fun and beautiful and unique as the Save-the-Date cards are the wedding invitations themselves…

That destination wedding you’re planning? How about sending a guidebook invitation. It’s practical and adorable at the same time.

Love this keepsake invitation!
Adorable + Practical = Awesome Guidebook Wedding Invitation


Or maybe you want something modern with classic roots.

Modern meets Classic


Or perhaps you like something kind of trendy like this cute chalkboard design. 

I chose a fancy scalloped edge – but there are eight shapes, including your basic hard-edged rectangle to choose from.


And of course all of the invitations come with fun options for the back of the invitations.

So fun many choices!


Or if you’re a stickler for tradition and like boring white classic wedding invitations, they have those too. If I’m honest, I’ll admit I do kind of sway this way. But I tend to like things that are kind of plain and simple. Luckily Minted even has cards for people like me.

For those of you who like things old school.


Disclosure: I was given a credit by to facilitate this review, but the opinions of the awesomeness of Minted are expressed are 100% my own. (I can probably be bought off for a trip around the world or lots and lots of cash – but free stationery – not so much. But you don’t have to trust me – you have eyes – you can obviously see for yourself that Minted’s designs are beautiful and fun.)

Dave and I won’t be renewing our vows for our 20th anniversary (not our style), so I’ll be shopping for one of the many other ultra-cool things on Minted’s site, like maybe some business cards

See? I like it Simple!


or Happy New Year cards (since I let the ball drop on Christmas cards this year).

Happy New Year Card
From my Family to Yours, Wishing You Peace, Happiness and Love in the New Year!


But whatever I decide to order the good news is I can do it while wearing my jammies from the comfort of my couch. And not crammed in the back of some party store.