Cabbage Soup Diet Diary: Day Two

Hooray! I survived Day One and am ready to recap Day Two of the Cabbage Soup Diet – you better believe the first thing I did this morning was get on the scale. I lost a pound and a half. I know that’s a lot for just one day, but I have to admit I’m a tad disappointed. I was hoping for two pounds. (I thought I’d lost at least that much in gas – even with the Gas-X!)

I took a Melatonin so I would sleep well. Last time I did the diet I had an achiness in my body that made it hard to sleep. I thought maybe it was the lack of protein making my muscles deteriorate. (That sounds dramatic and unlikely after just one day!) My friend Lisa thinks it’s my body detoxing. Whatever it is I don’t like it and was glad I didn’t have it last night.

This morning I had my beloved baked potato (with tons ‘o butter) for breakfast. I bought the biggest one I could find – it was 11 ounces. If you want to know the truth I was hoping for a bigger one. Hell, I would have eaten a potato that weighed more than a pound if Trader Joe’s had them. I should have gone to Vons. They usually have nuclear sized potatoes. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that I put the potato in the oven the night before and set the timer so it would be ready at breakfast time. I have to tell you, it might have been the best baked potato I’ve ever had.

Cabbage soup diet baked potato with butter
Don’t be fooled – I put on waaaay more butter than this!

Even after the baked potato I was still pretty hungry. So I had some butternut squash.

Cabbage soup diet butternut squash

I also snacked all day long. Cabbage Soup Diet Tip #2: be prepared and have a variety of fruits and vegetables. This is what I snacked on most of the day:

Cabbage soup diet vegetables
The peppers were delish!

The peppers were delicious and I ate almost a whole package of snap peas. Trust me, you will not succeed on this diet if you were planning on munching on carrots and celery sticks all day. (Ugh!)

For lunch I had the soup. I hate that stupid soup.

In the afternoon I took a nap. I didn’t really take it because I was tired (I was) but because I was tired of being hungry. The funny thing is, as difficult as this diet is, I haven’t been tempted to cheat.

Everyone was envious of my baked potato breakfast, so I made the family baked potatoes for dinner. This is Marley’s (she insisted on posing):

baked potato with sour cream, cheddar cheese and bacon
Yes, my kids still eat their dinner on the Tupperware plates I purchased when they were toddlers – don’t judge me!

Yeah, I cooked freaking bacon and did not even lick my fingers when I chopped it up. I am a diet queen!

I was probably supposed to have the soup for dinner but I didn’t. My dinner was roasted asparagus, butternut squash, Portobello mushrooms cooked in water and balsamic vinegar, and steamed spinach. I would advise not roasting asparagus without oil. Roasted asparagus is one of my favorite things. I love the delicious nutty flavor, but without the oil – yuck! (I might have thrown it away.)

So… Day Two wasn’t too bad. You know, except for the being hungry all day part. Two days down and five to go. Tomorrow I get to have fruits and vegetables. I can do it! (I think.)

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