How to Write a Blog Post When You Don’t Know What to Write

I don’t really know what I was thinking when I challenged myself (and sort of pledged, I think) to writing (and posting) one paragraph a day for 30 days. I really expected hoped to hit the ol’ “I have no idea what to write about” phase sort of mid-month rather than Day 5. (Day 5!) Though, I don’t know why I’m so surprised. I mean, I try very hard to be a funny writer and every once in a while something so terrible happens that I’m a poignant writer, but I’ve never been a prolific writer. I mean, yes, while my posts themselves are often overly long to the point of ridiculousness er.. prolific, they are usually not plentiful. And speaking of ridiculously long, who am I kidding with the whole “one paragraph” thing? Any grammarian who’s been reading my posts for the last couple of days is surely out of her mind and screaming at her computer screen, “That is not just one paragraph! It’s a bunch of paragraphs smashed into one. You’re not fooling anyone just because you refuse to hit the tab key!” Although grammarians who read my blog are probably used to shaking their heads in disgust. Especially this one and this one. (Thank you for continuing to read anyway ladies!) So today my (already more than one) paragraph is about nothing. My unimaginative brain doesn’t even have the creative capacity to figure out a picture to post. Tomorrow (and the 24 days that follow tomorrow) I hope to do better. (But I’m not holding my breath.)

6 thoughts on “How to Write a Blog Post When You Don’t Know What to Write

  1. It’s impossible to hold your breath AND drink wine at the same time.
    Therefore, I suggest we meet up and share a bottle.

    We ought to be able to come up with at least a few days of topics.

    And after a couple of glasses, neither one of us will care about grammar.

  2. I NEVER shake my head at your grammar, Charlene. It’s hard to post regularly, isn’t it? I found the first three months of blogging not so hard, but now I’m slowing down quite a bit. Keep writing, though; I think there’s something to forcing yourself. You might end up with something you didn’t expect. Just focus on the process, not the product.

    • Thank you, Abby! And I was teasing about the grammar. (Mostly!) And yes, this daily blogging is very hard. I was truly in awe of you all summer. You were so consistent and everything you wrote was just so damn good. So good that it was a little hard to be your friend due to my petty and bitter jealousy. (Of course I mean that with love.) 🙂

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