YouTube with Veggie Girl

Marley’s favorite activity is lying on her bed watching YouTube videos on her iPod. I think if she could spend 12 hours a day watching YouTube videos and 12 hours a day sleeping her life would be perfect. In her mind anyway.

Of course we are mean and terrible parents. We make her do things other than lose brain cells and strain her eyes on a 3.5 inch screen. You know, incredibly terrible unfair things like go to school. Walk the dog. Eat dinner with the family. It practically warrants calling the CPC.

On Saturday I dragged Marley from the cave of her room and made her run errands with me. We pulled up in a parking lot and she said, “I hear Veggie Girl is really good.”

“Who is Veggie Girl?” I asked. “A YouTuber?”

“Not Veggie Girl, Mom. Veggie Grill,” she said pointing to a restaurant called VeggieGrill. “Why would you ask if that was a YouTuber? That’s so lame.”

“I don’t know, you’re always talking about things you watch on YouTube so I thought you were talking about some YouTuber called Veggie Girl.”

“I don’t always talk about YouTube, Mom.”

Yeah, right.

“Oh, okay. Well, where did you hear VeggieGrill was good?” I asked running a mental list of her friends through my head trying to figure out which one would willingly eat tempeh and quinoa salads and claim them delicious.

“These guys I watch on YouTube,” she answered.

Uh huh. And she called me lame.

I wonder. Will hearing VeggieGrill is awesome by “these guys on YouTube” actually make her willingly eat vegetables? Probably not. It’s definitely time to get this girl a new hobby.

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