So I Kind of Co-Wrote This Book…

Most people who know me (even a little bit) know that I wrote a book.

Like forever ago.

And I’ve been editing it, and editing it, (and effing editing it) and querying it and querying it (and effing querying it) off and on for years.

It’s chick lit (with a heavy emphasis on chick and not so much lit). It’s not groundbreaking or earth shattering or maybe even that original (girl’s life crumbles when she loses fiancé and loses job and has to pick up the pieces and start all over again), but it’s funny. It would make a hilarious romantic comedy. (In my humble opinion.)

But I digress…

This post is not about that book. It’s about this book:

The Making of a Picky Eater


One that I co-wrote and you can actually click this link and buy!

I know what you’re thinking… How in the heck did that happen?

Well, I’ll tell you how.

I met this really cool woman named Beth Robeson at the 2013 Middle Sister Wine Gathering. (Which I was lucky enough to attend because I won a contest on Pinterest.) Beth contacted me after the gathering and asked if I’d be interested in adding a bit of humor to a book she’d written about picky eaters being made and not born.

I told her she sure didn’t need me because that was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. My kids are picky eaters. They were totally born that way. (Or were they?) I mean, I certainly didn’t have anything to do with them being picky. (Or did I?)

She convinced me to take a look at the book and see if maybe I’d change my mind.

I have to tell you that the book was quite eye-opening. Turns out that perhaps I did have a thing or two quite a lot to do with my kids’ semi-picky palates. And by using some of the methods discussed in the book I’ve actually seen some changes in my kids’ eating habits. Admittedly they are small changes, but my kids are teenagers. If I had read this book when my kids were little I have no doubt that they’d be eating a much wider range of foods and I would have spent a lot less time in the kitchen being a short order cook.

So I did my best to add a little humor to the book. And I think I succeeded. (I hope I did anyway.)

If you’ve got picky kids you might want to pick it up. Even if you’ve tried everything. It might help you see “pickyness” in a whole new light. (And maybe even hang up that short order cook apron forever.)

13 thoughts on “So I Kind of Co-Wrote This Book…

  1. I’m guessing this book does NOT espouse the eating of nuggets, fries, hot dogs and mac-n-cheese.

    What does she say about wine? (I know. I know. Not for kids. Just for us!)

    Still, I hope it’s a good sign that your post and my comments here are making me hungry.
    I promise not to eat junk food for breakfast. Or drink wine.


    Go, Charlene! You are a superstar and your words are spreading.
    Get it, girl.

  2. Congratulations on the book, Charlene!. Woo Hoo!!!! So thrilled for you! I just followed the link and saw your lovely picture inside the book. I hope this book transforms you and Beth into “Picky Eater SUPERHEROES!” Or at the very least scale the heights of the best seller lists and win numerous literary awards (that’s still kind of superhero-ish)!

    Also, stop by my house and use your super powers on the picky eaters that came outta my womb.

    Wishing you and Beth much literary success!

  3. Congratulations, Charlene! All these years you’ve been working on your novel, you’ve been keeping this one a secret?! Since I’m so happy for you I won’t be offended 😉 I definitely wish this would have been published before I ruined my kids’ eating habits- now I am just hoping they will give in to peer pressure and try oysters and brussel sprouts during their college years!

    • You never know Monica, it could happen. Suddenly (or I guess not so suddenly) my kids are trying lots of things they’ve never tried before. It’s been nice to add a few more things to the dinner rotation!

  4. Congrats, darling.
    you. rock.
    Perhaps you’ll put your “OTHER” book out there the same time as me 🙂
    haaaa. Under procrastination in the Webster, my photo is there!

    Kiss from MN. xx

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