How to Achieve Your Goals (Even When It’s Hard)

I set a goal last Monday night at my writing group: to go back to writing a Monday Blog Post every week until we meet again. Every. Single. Week. Except for this week because Monday was a holiday and no one reads blogs on holidays, so this week I am supposed to post my piece on Tuesday. Or so I promised my group (and more importantly, myself).

The problem? I have nothing to write about. Well, nothing worth writing about anyway.

I tried writing a clever post about what I did and did not do over the holiday weekend, but when I wrote…

Things I Did NOT Do Over the Three Day 4th of July Holiday Weekend

  • Do something fabulous or go somewhere fabulous and post the pictures on Facebook like (seemingly) everyone else I know.

…it sounded whiny and bitter instead of self-deprecating and funny as I’d intended.


And when I wrote…

Things I DID Do Over the Three Day 4th of July Holiday Weekend

  • Exactly one load of laundry – the cloth napkins and kitchen towels, which I folded while watching one of many, many hours of Property Brothers. (So, it looks like I’ll be wearing the ratty underwear this week.)
  • Got into a deep discussion with Marley about which Scott brother is hotter.
    Discussion went like this:
    Me: Jonathan’s the cuter one, right?
    Marley: Totally, Mom.
    Me: Are you sure, because sometimes I think it’s Drew.
    Marley: It’s not.
    Me: Okay.


  • Took two naps. (I’m getting over a cold. I’m a little disappointed in myself for not taking four.)


  • Took Marley to the gym and walked on the treadmill at a ridiculously slow speed while catching up on John Oliver and called it a “workout.” (See above – I was sick.)
Please take note of how the reflection of the florescent lights makes it look like John Oliver is holding a light saber, not the sad, sad time of my “workout.”


  • Played cards with Dave and Marley Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. (Yeah, the three of us – we’re like a party machine!)



  • Watched fireworks (through some very thick trees) at my mother’s house Monday night with Dave and Marley (Chandler was working) and then played more cards.


… I felt like everyone would die from the boredom of my pathetic life.

Seriously, you’re not still reading this are you? And if so, why? Is it because you feel sorry for me? Are you one of those weird Type-A-OCD people who has to finish whatever you start no matter what, even if you’ve figured out there will be no reward at the end? (Trust me, this post is not going to all of a sudden get better.)

But here is the good news: this blog post will be over soon.

And I can pat myself on the back for doing what I said I would do (at least this week) to achieve my goal. (To steal from and paraphrase the awesome Elizabeth Gilbert, I said I would write a blog post every week, not a good blog post every week.)

And you can be happy because you, too, have achieved your goal by finishing what you started. And because your life is way more exciting than mine. (Hey, I meant that in a funny/self-deprecating, not bitter/whiny way.) 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to Achieve Your Goals (Even When It’s Hard)

  1. GOAL MET! (And an Elizabeth Gilbert message slipped in. Not bad, my friend. Not bad at all.)

  2. I finished reading your post and I even enjoyed it, so there. And by the way, not EVERYbody posts pictures of all the fun stuff they do on long weekends, that’s just what we notice. What we don’t notice is all the people living their lives offline, not broadcasting their every move. 🙂

  3. I’d say playing cards with your family all those times is very productive and fabulous in a contented sort of way. I’m just trying to get through each day savoring the good moments instead of getting overwhelmed by the whining and fighting.

  4. I thought this was a rewarding read and not bc I’m type A OCD (I’d insert a pic of my living room here if I could). It was funny and charming so thank you.

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