Bière de Ménage Release Party – For Beer and Wine Lovers Only

Raise your hand if you love beer. (Go ahead, no one’s looking.) Now raise your hand if you love wine. Okay, put your hands down – you look silly.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to mix the two together? You know, kind of like an Arnold Palmer – for grown-ups.

Iced tea + lemonade anyone?


Well, Figueroa Mountain Brewery and Margerum Wine Company -at the suggestion of Whole Foods- decided to do just that. (Add beer and wine together, that is.) The result is Figueroa Mountain’s Bière de Ménage.

Wa-la! Bière de Ménage!


How does it taste? I don’t know, but you’d better believe I’m going to find out. I like a little 7-Up in my beer (in Britain they call that a Shandy), it takes away the bitterness. Wine in my beer sounds even better.

And guess what? You can find out how it tastes too.

This Saturday night at Bar Rincon, right inside of Whole Foods Market in Oxnard, there will be a fabulous Bière de Ménage Release Party. I’m totally going. Would you care to join me?

Here are the details:

Biere de Menage Release Party 
Whole Foods Market Oxnard
650 Town Center Dr, Oxnard, CA 93036
Saturday, May 17 | 6-8 pm


Oh yeah, come 6:01 p.m. (I like to be fashionably late) I’ll be celebrating Whole Foods Market’s first-ever beer/wine collaboration with Figueroa Mountain Brewery and Margerum Wine Co.  You should come too. Enjoy a sample of Bière de Ménage and join in on the celebration with special food pairings and a festive atmosphere. (Seriously, you had me at beer + wine, but food pairings and a festive atmosphere? Who could say no?!)

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “How rockin’ can a party at a supermarket be?”

Well, I’ve been to a few parties at Whole Foods, and let me tell you, they’re pretty rockin’. Look how much fun I had the last time I came to a party here:

Pretend the picture of me and Kim isn’t blurry, that I’m sucking my stomach in instead of poking it out, and that the photo of me isn’t crappy. (Please!)


How cool is that Airstream bar? (Answer: So cool!)

Also, the last time I was at a party at Bar Rincon I got to hang with these two cuties – the rep from Figueroa Mountain Brewing company and bartender Ken. My friend Kim might or might not have had an innocent little crush on one of them. (You might or might not be able to guess which one.)

I love it when cute boys serve me cocktails.


Are you intrigued? You should be. If you’d like to hear more about how the wine/beer collaboration came about read this story here.

If you’d like to find out for yourself what a beer/wine combination tastes like join me this Saturday night, May 17th at Whole Foods Oxnard for some beer/wine, yummy food, and a serious good time.


Join me won’t you?

Disclaimer: While this is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Oxnard, all opinions expressed are solely my own.

Photo credit of Arnold Palmer: Patrick Truby via Creative Commons

Whole Foods Venice Fantastique French Wine Tasting & Art Exhibit (Ooh La La!)

Hey, my LA & Valley friends, what are you doing this Saturday night? That’s right, this Saturday night, March 1st. Binge-watching TV with a pizza? (Yawn, did that last weekend.) A little beer-pong and karaoke at the local dive bar? Dinner at Applebee’s? (I’m kidding!)

Can I make a suggestion?

How about something a little different? A little sophisticated even? Something that will get you out of your weekend rut.

Whole Foods Market in Venice is having a fabulous (make that fantastique) French wine tasting and art exhibit for only $10. (And the proceeds benefit The Whole Planet Foundation – Alleviating Poverty Worldwide Through Entrepreneurship.)

You will taste 5 value-priced ($9.99) French wines paired with petit fours (that’s a fancy French word for appetizer, in case you didn’t know, which of course you did, because like me, you’re very sophisticated) and get to check out the art of Germany-based French artist and wine label designer, Gildas Coudrais.

Fantastique indeed!

Fantastique French Wine Tasting and Art Exhibit
Are you cool enough to hang here?


I actually used to do cultured and sophisticated French-wine-meets-French-art stuff like this all the time. Okay, that’s not true at all. I’ve never done that. But I do go wine tasting quite often and do love French wine.

Fantastique wine at a Fantastique price!


And French men.

Olivier Martinez  – I might consider leaving Bradley Cooper for you!


And French fries.

How do you say “Get in my belly” in French?


And I’ve been to the Louvre. Twice.

Yeah, I’ve been here!



Wanna know what you’ll be tasting?

Ooh La La!


  • Chantebelle Sauvignon Blanc– a bright and brisk beauty with crisp citrus flavors. (Bring on the goat cheese!)
  • King Rabbit Malbec – with rich, black plums, berries and cherries dance smoothly on the palate. (I’ll take that with a rare steak, please.)
  • Anciens Temps Cabernet–Syrah – with robust flavors of black pepper and berries, and a vanilla-kissed finish. (Sounds like it needs a robust cheese – slice me a chunk of that blue!)
  • Eagle Coq Pinot Noir – boasts juicy red cherry and currant flavors pleasing French & California drinkers alike. (And they say it goes well with brie – I’m so in!)
  • Fantastique Pinot Noir – a bolder Pinot, with flavors of spiced black cherries. (Is it time for chocolate yet?)

Just so you know, I am not suggesting that this is the food -pardon me, petit fours- that the wines will be paired with, I’m just saying what I would be inclined to pair them with.

And even if it sounds too good to be true that French wines like this would be available at Whole Foods for under $10, it isn’t. Too good to be true I mean. It is true!

$9.99 are you out of your mind?!


And remember, artwork of Gildas Coudrais, the wine label artist will be there. He’s had an interesting career – he designed theme cards for a French print company, taught art lessons to children and adults, and led an artist’s workshop for disabled people. He currently lives in Germany with his wife and two young daughters. His pop-art is pretty funky. I dig it.

Translation: “which has miraculously powerful melody.”


I like that – I love you… which has a miraculously powerful melody.

So are you in? (I am!) If so, click this link and RSVP on their Facebook page. You don’t have to RSVP to attend, but there’s less chance of them running out of petit fours that way. (And nobody wants that.)

And if you really want to show them some love follow Whole Foods Market Venice on Facebook and Twitter. (I do!)

Hope to see you Saturday night!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Venice. (But my love of French wine, French cheese, French men and French fries? You can’t buy that!)

Photo credits: Olivier Martinez, French fries, & The Louvre

Whole Foods 3 Day Facial Care Sale

What’s that on your face?

Yeah, you heard me? What is that on your face? Or rather, what’s in the stuff you put on your face?

Did you know that the U.S. government does not require health studies or pre-market testing for personal care products? So that guaranteed-to-make-you-look-younger-in-just-two-weeks-anti-aging moisturizer you’re slathering all over yourself? That expensive eye cream you so carefully dab around your eyelids at night (with your ring finger – the weakest finger to lessen the finger-pulling wrinkling effects)? That vitamin-enriched soap you wash your face with? Do you even know what’s in it?

Your skin is your biggest organ. (Yes, your skin is an organ, like your liver or your heart.) And your face is, well, your face. You don’t want to be putting lotion with amino-guanadine or Brassicamidoprophyl Dimethylamine or hexahydroxystearate (whatever that stuff is) on your beautiful, beautiful skin do you?

Of course you don’t. And I’m here to help. Or rather I’m here to tell you how Whole Foods is here to help.

Whole Foods has identified over 400 ingredients unacceptable for Premium Body Care standards and when you buy a product at their store and see their Premium Body Care symbol, you know none of that icky stuff is in there.

See that symbol? Good stuff!

And if you live in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada or Hawaii you are in luck this weekend because Whole Foods is having a 3-Day Facial Care sale which includes 25% off ALL facial care products February 7-9. (Lip balms and makeup are excluded from the sale.)

All kinds of wonderful goodies for your face are on sale. Cleansers, eye creams, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, masks and serums are all on sale. Organic products, natural products, local products, anti-aging products (not that you need those) – yep, all on sale.


Think of how much fun it will be to head to Whole Foods this weekend and scurry down this aisle while saying to yourself, Wow! That’s on sale. And so is that! And that and that and that! Fortunately Whole Foods has chairs. Just in case you need to sit down from all the excitement.


My local Whole Foods is the Thousand Oaks store. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and then head on over this weekend and save 25% as you stock up on all the facial care items you could ever need. Without all the unpronounceable stuff you don’t.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market. (But trust me when I tell you, I’m very careful about what I do -and don’t- put on my face.)

Whole Foods has Arrived in Oxnard (Huzzah!)

Whole Foods Oxnard held a Friends and Family event last Monday to celebrate the store’s Grand Opening on Wednesday, June 19th. There was going to be food and entertainment so I was extremely excited to be invited to the event for an opportunity to write a sponsored post. (Have I ever mentioned that I like to eat?)


I was especially happy to participate in this opportunity because I try very hard to eat healthfully and feed my family healthy foods. Now don’t get me wrong, I love and adore junk food because it’s delicious, but I rarely eat it.  And since Chandler’s friends don’t like to come over because we never have junk food in the house and many of my friends tell me I eat healthier than anyone they know (I doubt it), I guess I’m doing a pretty good job.

So last Monday night my friend Kim and I headed out to Oxnard to check the new Whole Foods Market out. My first thought when I walked into the store was, “Wow! This place is gorgeous.” As someone who likes to grocery shop (like, for reals) I really appreciated not only the store’s incredible selection, but the beautiful aesthetics.

I knew there was going to be appetizers, but when we were told there was going to be wine and beer tasting as well, my next thought was, “This is hands down the BEST market grand opening ever in the history of market grand openings!” (Not that I’ve ever been to a market grand opening. But I could tell.)

Kim and I headed off to find some free grub and booze food and wine samples when we ran into a blogger friend of hers who asked Kim if I was her mother. And since I am only five years older than Kim I didn’t just want to taste some wine, I needed to up end an entire bottle down my throat.

(I will admit that I don’t think she really looked at me when she said that, and when she did was completely mortified. But still. Really?! I guess it could have been worse – she could have said, “Kim, is this your mom? When is her baby due?”)

I forgave the faux paus (mostly) and went on to have a fabulous time.

I could get into a lot of trouble in a store like this. Everything I tasted was nothing short of excellent. There was sushi, vegan salads, salmon burgers, barbecued beef sliders, taquitos, samosas, flatbread pizza, cheese (like crazy good cheese), and the wine and beer tasting that I mentioned. Didn’t I tell you – best store grand opening EVER!

In my head I took a lot more pictures of the amazing food and wine, but apparently in reality – not so much!

Kim and I were lucky enough to talk to the store’s designer and she explained to us the store was designed with the local environment in mind so the interior reflects the agricultural significance and beach culture of Oxnard and Ventura. Because it is right off the 101 Freeway many of the design elements were inspired by travel to and exploration of the beach and Channel Islands.

The store really is gorgeous, but I’m not going to lie – the most amazing and unique feature about the market is the fact that it has an old Air Stream trailer that was converted into a bar. That’s right – Whole Foods Oxnard has a bar! (Forget best market grand opening ever – how about just best market ever!)

Pretend the picture of me and Kim isn’t blurry, that I’m sucking my stomach in instead of poking it out, and that the photo of me isn’t crappy. (Please!)

Bar Rincon, located at the front of the store, serves wine, a rotating selection of over 24 craft beers – many of them local, and an extensive food menu. Kim and I hightailed it up to the bar and chatted up the cute sales rep from Figueroa Mountain Brewing company pouring samples of Hoppy Poppy IPA. The beer was excellent. We also tasted some Hitching Post “Hometown” Pinot Noir (made famous in the movie Sideways). Like the cheese I had previously inhaled – crazy good! It was about this time I was very bummed that I had volunteered to drive.

Good times at the Bar Rincon

We were given a tour of the store and here are some of the features I really loved:

  • They will be selling seasonal and locally sourced produce from my favorite local organic farm, McGrath Family Farms. (Yes, I have a favorite farm. Doesn’t everybody?)
  • There is a large selection of organic and sulfite-free wines, some starting at $2.49 per bottle and over 100 varieties under $10. (If there’s one thing I love it’s a bargain! Bargain wine most of all.)
  • There is a beer aisle with 72 feet of chilled beer with an impressive assortment of local craft beers, domestic favorites and unique imports. (I wonder how often Alex, the cute beer sales rep hangs out here.)
  • Their meat department has a full line of locally sourced, 100% grass-fed beef, chicken and turkey. I love this because the more I read about what’s in my food’s food, the less I want to eat it. (Ignorance may be bliss, but in this case it’s not very healthy.)
  • Whole Foods does not sell items with High Fructose Corn Syrup. Not a single one!
  • Bar Rincon has free WiFi. (I think I’m moving in!)
Yes, there are plenty of bargains at Whole Foods!
72 feet of chilled beer – yes please!

I also found out that as part of its commitment to supporting local causes in the community in which it works, Whole Foods Market stores, nationwide, hold Community Support Days several times a year and donate five percent of that day’s net sales to a local nonprofit or educational organization. This Wednesday, June 26th, Whole Foods Oxnard will be holding a Community Support Day. Five percent of net sales from the Whole Foods Market Oxnard store will go to  an organization called House Farm Workers! that helps provide safe, decent and affordable housing for farm workers. (So this Wednesday would be a really good day to shop there!)

A market that sells healthy food, supports its community, and has a bar (with free WiFi) – Whole Foods Oxnard is definitely the kind of market made just for me!

This is my kind of store!

Disclaimer: While this is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Oxnard, all opinions expressed are solely my own.