Whole Foods 3 Day Facial Care Sale

What’s that on your face?

Yeah, you heard me? What is that on your face? Or rather, what’s in the stuff you put on your face?

Did you know that the U.S. government does not require health studies or pre-market testing for personal care products? So that guaranteed-to-make-you-look-younger-in-just-two-weeks-anti-aging moisturizer you’re slathering all over yourself? That expensive eye cream you so carefully dab around your eyelids at night (with your ring finger – the weakest finger to lessen the finger-pulling wrinkling effects)? That vitamin-enriched soap you wash your face with? Do you even know what’s in it?

Your skin is your biggest organ. (Yes, your skin is an organ, like your liver or your heart.) And your face is, well, your face. You don’t want to be putting lotion with amino-guanadine or Brassicamidoprophyl Dimethylamine or hexahydroxystearate (whatever that stuff is) on your beautiful, beautiful skin do you?

Of course you don’t. And I’m here to help. Or rather I’m here to tell you how Whole Foods is here to help.

Whole Foods has identified over 400 ingredients unacceptable for Premium Body Care standards and when you buy a product at their store and see their Premium Body Care symbol, you know none of that icky stuff is in there.

See that symbol? Good stuff!

And if you live in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada or Hawaii you are in luck this weekend because Whole Foods is having a 3-Day Facial Care sale which includes 25% off ALL facial care products February 7-9. (Lip balms and makeup are excluded from the sale.)

All kinds of wonderful goodies for your face are on sale. Cleansers, eye creams, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, masks and serums are all on sale. Organic products, natural products, local products, anti-aging products (not that you need those) – yep, all on sale.


Think of how much fun it will be to head to Whole Foods this weekend and scurry down this aisle while saying to yourself, Wow! That’s on sale. And so is that! And that and that and that! Fortunately Whole Foods has chairs. Just in case you need to sit down from all the excitement.


My local Whole Foods is the Thousand Oaks store. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and then head on over this weekend and save 25% as you stock up on all the facial care items you could ever need. Without all the unpronounceable stuff you don’t.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market. (But trust me when I tell you, I’m very careful about what I do -and don’t- put on my face.)

One thought on “Whole Foods 3 Day Facial Care Sale

  1. I must admit, I do NOT take good care of my skin. I WANT it to look better. I AM concerned about the signs of aging (and aging in general) but I’m also super lazy.

    The three minutes of my life I get back by not having a skin-care routine each night has been worth it to me so far.

    But I’m 45 years old now and my 14-year-old daughter takes much better care of her skin than I do of mine.

    I think it’s time for a change…or thirty years past time for one.
    Whole Foods, here I come.

    (I’ll bring my daughter, too.)

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