A Weird Search Word, Dirty Dishes and Other Random Things

Random Things

I’m considering adding a Friday “Random Things” post to my blog. We’ll see how this one goes.

Random Things #1: The search word (or search words). I won’t lie – the search word (or search words) that leads people to my blog fascinate me. Here is a photo of the search terms that brought people to my website this week:

search words for blog
Uh… really?!

Not sure if I should be flattered or insulted with that last one. Some other past search words for my blog have been: diet eating of rice in breakfast (there were 2 searches for that!), remark i’m in love with a dress (huh?), is gas x yummy (well, I take it in pill form, so… no), ross thanksgiving (do I have a stalker?) , adam ant girlfriend 2012 (it’s me!), and too many cabbage soup diet variations to mention!

brown boots for fall
Everyone loves these brown boots! (Wanna buy ’em?)

These brown boots were originally posted here and are my top search by far!

Random Things #2: I thought that Marley put the dishes away the other morning without being asked. (Fantastic – right?) But she said her father told her to do it. (Well, she still did it quietly and without complaint.) The problem was the dishes were dirty. You’d think she might have noticed. (She didn’t.)

Christmas coffee mug
Does this look clean to you?

Random Things #3:  I decorated our piano for Christmas with my Santas and snowmen. After it looked perfect Marley added some vintage snowflakes, weird Christmas cows, a few extra Santas and snowmen and I did not have a control-freak-anal-attack about it (even inwardly… much). And just now when I went to place a link on a blog I wrote last year for skirt called Controlling Christmas about my anal-tree-decorating tendencies, only to find that the blog has disappeared from the web-o-sphere and only the comments remain, I didn’t freak out about that either. Though it might make me drink. (Where did my blog go?)

Christmas piano
Christmas Chaos

(BTW – this piano is for sale. Would you like to buy it?)

Random Things #4:  I love kissing Santas…

I saw mommy kissing santa claus
Love even more!

And snowmen… (and no that does not count as Random Things #5)

Christmas snowman

Random Things #5: Chandler drove on the freeway for the first time this week. It was on Sunday morning when the traffic was light. Dave was in the front passenger seat and I was in the back. Thank god! I might have had a heart attack if I rode in the front. Chandler did great. I think he’s going to be a good, conscientious driver. But driving with your first-born –your baby- on the freeway… I don’t recommend it without Xanax. I think I’d rather spend the day riding roller coasters at Magic Mountain. (And I’m pretty much done with roller coasters.)

Scream roller coaster Magic Mountain
Less scary than driving on the freeway for the first time with your child behind the wheel.

I think five random things are enough random things for today. Tell me something random about your week.

*Photo of Scream roller coaster taken by Joel Rogers via http://www.coastergallery.com

2 thoughts on “A Weird Search Word, Dirty Dishes and Other Random Things

  1. I love the Random Friday post, Charlene. That’s a totally fun meme I could get onboard with. 🙂 Laughed so hard about Marley putting away the dirty dishes. Been there. It’s amazing the things our kids don’t notice. Or do they? 🙂

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