Random Things: My Crazy Dog, Downton Abbey and More

After one hour with my crazy dog

Happy Friday! It’s time for everyone’s favorite blog: My Random Things Blog. What? Not your favorite? Well, my cousin likes it. I assumed she spoke for everyone!

Random Things #1: My Crazy Dog. We gave our dog Rocky some chew toys for Christmas. (Because, you know, we didn’t want him to feel left out when we were opening Christmas presents.) He took the word chew to heart. This little stuffed lion might have started the day thinking he was king of the jungle, but after one hour with my beast of the house he was torn to shreds.

Dog chew toy with rope inside
King of the jungle no more…

Random Things #2 Meatless Monday. I’m trying to be better about instituting Meatless Mondays into our weekly meal plan. Of course because of the picky eaters in my family (*cough my children cough*) all we ever have for Meatless Monday is pasta. And that’s starting to get a little boring. Anyone have any healthy recipes for Meatless Monday that a picky eater might eat? Please note that Chandler doesn’t like pizza. (Yeah, I know.) Or beans. And Marley doesn’t like fish. What’s that you say? How ’bout pasta? Sigh…

Random Things #3 Downton AbbeyDave and I are a bit late to the party and have just started watching Downton Abbey Season 1. I was trying to explain to Marley the premise of the show and she said, “So she has to marry her cousin? Like a gypsy? Or a hillbilly?” Hysterical, but I think she nailed it. Turns out the English monarchy may have more in common with the “lower class” than we may think!

Where upper class gypsies and rednecks reside

Random Things #4  I’ve got nothing! Ugh! I had something else. I’m pretty sure it was hysterical even. Even funnier than gypsies and rednecks. But I’ve lost it. It’s gone. I had it yesterday when I was writing my blog in my head. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if I don’t write things down they might as well not exist. When I remember I’ll let you know. In the meantime I’ll keep this blog short & sweet and wish you a wonderful weekend.

I’d love it if you told me one random thing…

Downton Abbey photo credit: Gary Bembridge via creative commons

7 thoughts on “Random Things: My Crazy Dog, Downton Abbey and More

  1. Here you go…This week I actually told my 14 yr old son to “sh*! or get off the pot” because he’d been in the bathroom with his kindle while we waited for him so we could eat dinner. I finally got to use a figure of speech that actually applied to the situation. Love you!

  2. Everyday is meatless in my house. Come over and we’ll have a cup of coffee (or wine) and pour through my favorite recipes.

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