The Inspiration for Michelle Obama’s Bangs

Michelle is bangin’ it!

Extra Extra read all about it Michelle Obama has bangs. (And she looks awesome right?) The world is all a-twitter about it. (And not just Twitter. Everyone is talking about Michelle Obama’s bangs!)

But where did Michelle Obama get the idea to change her look? Who inspired her to cut her hair? Who know how to rock bangs like nobody’s business?

I’m just sayin’…

Look, I’m not saying that she called me on the phone and asked if she could steal borrow my look. (I can neither confirm nor deny that statement.) But her husband does follow me on Twitter. He’s even DM’d me. (What do you mean it was one of his staffers and not really him?!)

All I’m saying is that I’ve been rockin’ the bang look for some time now (as in FOREVER) and something like 300 people (different people) read my blog last month, so you know, I’m pretty famous now. It’s totally obvious that she got her inspiration from me!

Hangin’ with Chandler in 2009 (and rockin’ those bangs)!

And if my silly blog didn’t make you laugh, this certainly will…

Daily Show: The Best F#@king News Team Ever & Inauguration Fashions

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6 thoughts on “The Inspiration for Michelle Obama’s Bangs

  1. I’m a little confused as to why you had to write a blog about this. I assumed this was common knowledge. Bangs? Charlene. Rockin’ the bangs? Charlene. Funniest blogger in the history of blogging, with bangs? Charlene.

  2. Okay I had no idea you inspired Michelle’s bangs or that you ran around in such high political circles. I totally get why Michelle would be inspired by you and why she’s so thankful for your styling advice. 🙂

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