The Donut Man – Best Donuts on Route 66 (or Anywhere)

Donut Crack Heaven

A few weeks ago I went to Palm Desert for a girls’ getaway weekend to celebrate my girlfriend Dagmar’s birthday.

As we were driving out, Dagmar suggested that we stop at The Donut Man in Glendora. I was planning on wearing a bikini for the next three days and certainly had no business eating donuts, but I didn’t want to disappoint Dagmar. You know, since it was her birthday.

I had never heard of The Donut Man, but apparently I’m in the minority because when we pulled up there was a line. At 9:30 PM on a Thursday night. The Donut Man? They should call this place Donut Crack. These were without a doubt The BEST donuts I’ve ever had in my life. (They’ve even been featured in Bon Appetite Magazine.)

I chose the Tiger Tail which is a foot long glaze-chocolate twist. I don’t remember what Dagmar got. One bite and I was in a chocolate-glaze euphoria and nothing else mattered except me and my donut.

One foot of donut deliciousness

The Donut Man is known for their seasonal donuts which include Fresh Stawberry, Fresh Peach, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin and Creme Puff. (I didn’t know peanut butter and cream had seasons!) Strawberries are in season right now. We got one of those in a to-go box.

This is one berry good donut!

We were meeting our friend Trixie at the hotel later that night and didn’t want her to feel left out (or looking better than us in a bikini) so we bought a few more donuts for breakfast the next morning.


You’d better believe the first thing we did the next morning was hit the gym. Then we had another donut.

The people of Glendora are certainly lucky to have such a gem, but I have to admit I’m kind of glad The Donut Man is 60 miles from my house. If it were in my neighborhood I don’t think I’d ever be able to wear a bikini again.

*Pictures courtesy of The Donut Man website. Except the top photo labeled Donut Crack Heaven – the poor photo quality of that photo should make it obvious it was taken by me.

4 thoughts on “The Donut Man – Best Donuts on Route 66 (or Anywhere)

    • Oh trust me Demetria, you would LOVE these donuts.

      And I should have pointed out that I actually wear a bikini top and board shorts. (And probably shouldn’t even do that!) 🙂

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