Writing Sucks

Writing Sucks
This about sums it up.

I wrote a post last week called Running Sucks (because it does), but honestly, what sucks even more is writing. Writing is so hard, sometimes I wonder why I do it at all. Sure when I run I’m out of breath and uncomfortable and hot and sweaty and miserable. I don’t sweat (much) when I’m writing, but uncomfortable, out of breath and miserable? Check, check, and check! When I run my body hurts. When I write my brain hurts. The blogs I write in my head are seriously awesome. They’re clever and funny and relatable. Trust me when I tell you that they are freaking hilarious. But when I sit down to type them? Meh. The words do not flow from my brain to my fingertips. They fall flat on the screen. I know I can do better, I tell myself. That word isn’t right, that’s not what I’m trying to say. Then I put my head in my hands and stare a the cursor on the computer screen blinking at me. Baiting me. Daring me to turn it into words. So I put my fingers back on the keyboard, take a deep breath, and I type. I turn that cursor into words and hate every single second and wonder why anyone in their right mind would chose to do something so hard and so terrible. Something that sucks so very much. 

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