Stupid Airport Shoes

I recently read an online fashion magazine article titled “What They Wear: Airports”. There were photos of 10 starlets dressed super cute for their very glamour trips to the airport.

But then there were these shoes:

Celebrity Airport Shoes
Gorgeous – but the airport… really?!

There was actually a full body shot of the actress wearing these shoes,but I cropped it to only show the shoes. I will not name the actress because (1) I am not that mean and (2) I’ve actually never heard of her. (She’s probably very young and gorgeous. Whatever.)

But c’mon – really?! These are the shoes you wear to the airport? Do famous people have some sort of pass where they don’t have to go through airport security shoeless? Yes, the shoes are adorable, but they have to take at least 5-10 minutes to take off and put back on again. And the magazine called the shoes a good and practical choice for travel because of the wedge. But what about the part you have to wrap around your ankle 5 times and then tie?! She probably flew on a private plane and didn’t have to clear security.

Which just goes to show… Stars are not like us people. Not like us at all!

3 thoughts on “Stupid Airport Shoes

  1. I sometimes feel like the only woman on earth who doesn’t give a crap about shoes.
    (That’s because I am, right? The ONLY ONE!)

    When Bill and I went wine-tasting in Solvang last weekend, one of the sweet employees at a lovely winery suggested another locale to us – adding excitedly that I would SURELY love it because it was right next door to the best shoe store ever.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell the guy that my husband had packed more shoes for our weekend than I had.

    No joke. I wore a pair of Roxy flip flops and hadn’t packed anything else to put on my feet.


    I prefer to spend my money on wine.

    • You might be right, Julie. You might just be the only one!

      I do love shoes, but not high-heeled shoes. I want to love high-heeled shoes. I have a ton of high-heeled shoes, but 98/100 times I’ll choose flats instead.

      And yes, money spent on wine is always, ALWAYS money well spent!

    • Julie, you’re not alone. I find a pair of shoes that’s comfortable and wear them all the time until they fall apart. Then I get a new pair. I just don’t see the appeal. 🙂

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