Boys Do Things Girls Would Never Do

Boys don’t like to say goodbye. At least not like girls do. My husband always complains that it takes me forever to leave a family function because I have to tell everyone goodbye. Uh… isn’t that called being polite? Isn’t that what people do? Apparently not men.

Chandler just went to his first school dance. Homecoming. He went with a group of friends instead of going with a girl. (Thank god because it’s his junior year and the last thing he needs this year is the drama and the distraction of a first girlfriend.) The kids he went with are his core group – his band friends that he’s hung around with since 6th grade.

But he left the dance with his track and cross country friends.

“Did you tell your friends you were leaving?” I asked him.

He kind of shrugged and mumbled something. (I’ll take that as a no.)

Who does that? Apparently boys.

A girl would never do that. Now a girl might would definitely go somewhere with her girlfriends and leave with a guy. But she would never come with one group of friends and leave with another. And if she did – at least she’d say goodbye.

And men think women are difficult to understand.

Is this a universal thing or is it just the men in my life who don’t feel the need to say goodbye?

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