What I Learned in 2013

In no particular order is a list of things I learned in 2013

1. Ignoring your problems will not make them go away. It will however, very, very likely make them worse. (And more expensive.)

2. Sometimes if you ask for something, you might just get it.

3. Being busy -like for real- makes you so much more organized than having idle time on your hands. (Idle time? What’s that?)

4. Saying no to your kids is easier when you can’t afford to say yes. But no less heartbreaking.

5. Binge watching TV shows is incredibly addicting.

6. If you are binge watching TV shows and have not caught up to real time stay off Twitter.

7. Maggie Smith rules. (I actually knew that already.)

8. So does Bryan Cranston. (Of that I was not aware.)

9. Candy Crush is even more addictive than binge watching TV. (However, I have not missed it even for one second after deleting it from my phone. I do, however, regret the 8,743 hours I spent ignoring my family while playing it.)

10. It is possible to lose weight after age 45. (Thank god!)

11. Running sucks. (I knew that already too – but not like I know it now.)

12. Having none of your clothes fit properly because they are too big is a good problem to have (and one that you really shouldn’t complain about to your friends), but it’s still a pain in the ass.

13. Parenting a teenage girl in the digital age is really hard. Like really fucking hard.

14. Chia seeds are not just for late 20th Century themed gag gifts. They are actually full of Omega 3’s and really good for you. They’re also really hard to get out of your teeth. (See #13 for how hard.) Even with dental floss.


Here are some things that I absolutely already knew that I was greatly reminded of in 2013

1. I really did a spectacularly awesome job when I picked my friends. (And I’m so glad they picked me back.)

2. My son is really really fast.

3. My daughter is really really smart.

4. My husband is really really funny.

5. Getting up at 5:00 so I can write or work out keeps me sane.

6. My mom is amazing.

7. I love the way that words taste on my tongue.


Books I loved in 2013

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


Favorite quote from a book in 2013

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” ― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

Seriously, can’t you just taste those words in your mouth?! 

What did you learn, love, or were reminded of in 2013?


*This post was inspired by 100% ripped off from the fabulous Kim Sisto-Robinson’s blog post 21 Things I’ve Learned in 2013 and Other Stuff. You should read it. Her words are beautiful. (And they taste amazing!)

Why Pay Retail When You Can Get it Free on Craigslist

Oh yes, it’s that time again. Time for a little mindless fun. Why waste your time on the internet playing Spider Solitaire or Candy Crush when you can waste your time on the internet reading how I waste my time on the internet looking for free shit on Craigslist. It’s kind of like a public service.

Here are some of the treasures I spotted:

Laptop Bag
Fits up to a 17 inch laptop. Hardly used at all. Please respond with a telephone number where I can reach you.

Uh… when it was hardly being used was it stored in the dirt?


I think it’s a great dresser, however I’m moving out and away so I need to get rid of it. It has a few scratches, some bruises, and one of the door hinges is a little broken, but it doesn’t prevent the cabinet door from closing. It needs to go within the next two days.
Maybe next time clean off the top of the dresser before taking photos. Especially if one of the items on top of your dresser is a bong!
Ornamental Grass
I have an ornamental grass plant I am giving away for FREE. You dig it up & it’s yours!! 
I thought ornamental grass was cute and fluffy. This just looks like a dead stack of hay.


Broken TV

Anyone want a broken tv to fix or recycle? Thin line across screen.

Dude, there are like 50 free TVs on Craigslist that actually work. Get off your lazy ass and call your waste management company to see when and where you can dump your e-waste. (And BTW – nice picture!)


Queen Bed, Box Spring and Frame

Need to get rid of a queen mattress, box spring and frame. The mattress is one year old. The box spring used to double as a cat hiding place and needs to new fabric on the outside. However, it is still structurally sound and the wood is in excellent condition.

A cat hiding place?! Ooh, I hope he sometimes peed in there, because there’s nothing like the smell of cat piss – especially on your mattress! (I’m allergic to cats, so think I’ll pass on this little gem!)


Free Entertainment Center

Free. The black bookshelf is gone but the entertainment center is free for the taking.

I am fascinated by this photo. Did you post this on Instagram? Pinterest? Let me guess, you’re a scrapbooker.


And last, but certainly not least…

Free Bird House

Free bird house it’s heavy bring someone to help you at least 3 people and a truck.

What the hell kind of bird is this for? A pterodactyl? No thank you. No thank you very much!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recap of what you can get for free on Craigslist. If anything interests you, let me know and I’ll get you the link. Remember… I do this all for you!