Cabbage Soup Diet: The Day After

It’s the day after the Cabbage Soup Diet and you know exactly what I did, don’t you? I did this:

Morning coffee
Hello precious!

That’s right! Coffee! (Can you hear the angels singing? Trust me – the did!) But I only had one cup instead of my usual two, so you’d better believe I savored every sip.

I re-lost that pound and a half that jumped back on me after my one cheat, making my total weight loss six pounds. Six pounds in seven days? I’ll take it! And I know, I know, now the trick is to keep it off.

I really do think I can do that. Like I said on Day Five of the Cabbage Soup Diet, I really noticed all the little things I was eating throughout the day that add up. Today I only had one cup of coffee instead of two. I never really enjoy that second cup of coffee as much as the first, so instead of having a second I switched to green tea.

At lunch I usually have half a sandwich and tortilla chips. (Followed by a second serving of tortilla chips.) Today I had half a sandwich and a cup of tomato and roasted red pepper soup from Trader Joe’s. (YUM!)

We had pasta for dinner, but I only had half a cup and put it in a bowl with a heaping serving of broccoli and marinara sauce. (And just a teaspoon of olive oil on the broccoli – it was delicious.) I didn’t put blue cheese crumbles in my salad and ate my salad with lemon instead of salad dressing. (I think I will usually eat salad dressing instead of lemon on my salad, but since I am going to not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners this week, I figure I’ll save my calories where I can.) Also, I had water with dinner instead of wine. Shockingly enough, after a week on the Cabbage Soup Diet, I got used to having water for dinner and kind of lost my craving for wine. Again, I’m not giving up wine with dinner forever, but don’t think I’ll have it this week until my Thanksgiving food orgies on Thursday and Saturday.

I won’t lie, last week wasn’t fun. Sometimes it was even rather hellish. But I do feel lighter. My stomach is flatter. My pants fit better. I’m happy with the results. But would I do the Cabbage Soup Diet again? I hope I never have to.

Today my Yogi Green Tea fortune said this:

Yogi Green Tea Fortune
You’re beautiful!

But I’m not sure if it was talking to me or that glorious cup of coffee.

By the way, in case you missed it, here is the complete diary: Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five, Day Six, Day Seven

11 thoughts on “Cabbage Soup Diet: The Day After

  1. you are such a trooper. last year when we did being a vegan for a week, you stuck to it and then had 5 burgers, lamb chops and a lb. of bacon on day 8. 🙂 you did what so many of us can’t do – you stuck to it and learned a thing or 2 about yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Congratulations on a grueling week!!! You survived and you achieved a 6 lbs loss as your reward. Kudos to you, Charlene!! Even though, to me, that cabbage diet is still…..gross. Now go have fun with your Thanksgiving orgies. You deserve it. (Well it probably would’ve sounded better had I said “food” orgies.)

  3. Hey Charlene- I have enjoyed reading about your progress and I am SO impressed by your incredible willpower! Good luck keeping off those pounds this weekend and have a Happy Thanksgiving!! XOXOXO

    • Thank you Monica! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too. I WAS tough, but I am determined to not let too many creep back on this weekend. (I will definitely be going to the gym every day! Starting with a 90 minute kickboxing class this morning!)

  4. This had me cracking up out loud by myself. I am currently on this diet, and you nailed it on the head!!! I found your blog via Pinterest and couldn’t be happier! Thanks for making my day. -Andie

  5. Thanks so much for this great posts! I just started mine today and I needed the tips! I will try my best not to cheat and see how much I can loose I have read up to 17 lbs but realistically speaking I know that’s impossible. I’m shouting for 10.

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