Did You Know That… or Fun Facts (I Wish I Didn’t Know)

Did you know that the average cell phone contains more germs and bacteria than the average toilet seat? So does the average kitchen sink. (Do you think there’s a future in disposable paper cell phone covers?)


(Get your dirty hands off my phone!)



Here is another useless and quite random fact that you probably don’t know:


This explains a lot!



And then there is this little piece of wisdom:


So if you are going to commit a crime, be careful what you lick!



This one kind of blows my mind:

water in space
Thank you WTF Fun Fact – that’s good to know!

I wonder if there’s a rocket ship that could get there for some extreme space surfing.


headphone bacteria
Is that more or less that’s on a cellphone? (Or a toilet seat?)



And that my friends is my lame and completely random blog for today. And so you know, I did not check any of these so called facts*, but they’re on the Internet – so they must be true!


*That’s a lie – I did do a fact check the huge reservoir of water, it’s more than 12 billion light years away, but it’s true!


Girl wearing headphone photo courtesy of Jordan Gillespe via Creative Commons.

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