My Unorganized Brain

My mortgage is with Megabank and I have a very small (let’s call it cute) secondary checking account with Gigantobank. (These are obviously not the names of my financial institutions, but you get the picture.) For some reason I always confuse the two. The only way I really keep them straight is by their physical locations in proximity to my house. Last month I had to write a check for Chandler to register for school and I couldn’t find my primary checking account check book. I was running late for work so I wrote him a check from my Gigantobank account even though I knew I couldn’t cover it. I figured I would withdraw some cash and head to Gigantobank at lunch and make a deposit. When I got there and ran my bankcard through the machine the nice teller informed me that I used my Gigantobank card and I needed to use my Megabank card. “Oh,” I said and went to get my Megabank card out of my wallet until I remembered. I don’t have a Megabank bankcard. They own my house, not my cute checking account. Shit. I was at the wrong bank. The closest Gigantobank was a 10 minute drive from the office and I didn’t have enough time left on my lunch break to make it there and back. I. Am. Such. A. Loser. I resigned myself to going to Gigantobank the next day. It was only when I returned to the office that I realized my mortgage was due and I could have paid it while I was at Megabank. Epic Fail. On every level. It’s a wonder how I make it through the day.

~Just one paragraph

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