On Reaching Goals

On September 1st I publicly proclaimed that intended to write and post one paragraph a day on this blog. Turns out I failed. I wrote (and posted) the first 10 days in a row. (Yay!) But then… it just sort of tapered off. Writing every day is one thing. (I didn’t even do that.) Writing something worthy of posting is entirely another.

I could make all sorts of excuses.

Like, I had other goals for the month to attain as well. Ones that weren’t made so publicly. (Though I’m not that bright, so I’ll tell you what they were now.)

I was also going to query three agents a week. Of course it would be a lie to say that querying got in the way of posting. I only queried two. (No, not per week. Total.)

My plan was to write my blog posts in the morning and send my novel queries on my lunch break.

But I also wanted to keep going to the gym five to six times a week. The good news is, this is goal I actually achieved and I lost three more pounds since finishing my Just Lose It Weight Loss Challenge. But it turns out being fit and being a writer is hard. Hopefully I’ll figure it out so I don’t have to choose between the two. (But I’m not holding my breath.)

And I recently went back to work full time (again). I’m still trying to re-figure out how to get my ass to work on time every morning. Typical morning: I get up at 5:00 and write (or procrastinate and check Facebook, Twitter and emails while convincing myself that it’s “working”) or go to the gym, make Chandler a peanut butter and banana sandwich (he’ll make it himself without complaint, but likes me to do it and he’s off to college in less than two years so my peanut butter and banana sandwich days will be over for good so I really don’t mind), walk the dog, get Marley up, make her eggs for breakfast (she refuses to eat lunch at school, so she needs a big protein-filled breakfast), make eggs for myself (I like mushrooms or spinach in mine and eat three eggs, but only two egg yolks – shut up), shower and get ready for work, change my clothes three times even though I pick out my outfits for the week on Sunday (nine out of ten times I go with the original outfit chosen), pack my lunch (even though I try to do this the night before I never seem to remember everything) and get out the door by 8:40. (I’ve only actually left at 8:40 once. It’s usually 8:45. At best.)

You’d think putting together outfits like this would help me get ready faster in the morning. You’d be wrong.

Balance was another one of my goals for October. But you’re smarter than me. You can see that that was an unattainable goal can’t you?

So I’m going to be smarter too in October. This month my only goal is to post to my blog each Monday.


And to maybe query an agent or two. (Per week.)

And not flake on going to the gym.

And to stick to the first outfit I choose. (This one might be the hardest one of all.)

I’ll let you know how it goes.

There are only three months left in 2013. Do you have any October goals?

4 thoughts on “On Reaching Goals

  1. Yes being fit and being published are hard ones for me too. But you’re def more organized than me so I think you’ll figure it out.

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