A Brighter Smile and my First Giveaway

Last week I was offered a fantastic opportunity – a free trip to the dentist by choosing and booking a dentist on Brighter.com. Free dental care? Whoo Hoo!

Now, normally I don’t get too excited about going to the dentist. (Does anyone?) But I was admittedly behind in my regular dental check-up schedule. (Like, it might or might not be true that I was approximately two years behind.) Mostly because I do not have dental insurance. And going to the dentist is expensive. Really, really expensive.

Say Hello to Brighter!


Brighter is a simple, free alternative to dental insurance, offering people to affordably manage their oral health by giving them access to pre-negotiated prices at hundreds of certified dentists. (Kind of like how insurance companies negotiate rates with dentists, but the person who is getting the negotiated rate is you!)

But are the dentists any good?

All Brighter dentists pass a rigorous pre-screening process that reviews their professional experience and reputation. Then you get to shop your dentist on their site. You can see how long they’ve been practicing, where they went to school and read patient reviews. They even have pictures of each dentist. I was actually tempted to pick the cutest dentist (he was pretty hot), but he was kind of far away. So instead I chose a dentist close to my office who has been practicing for 19 years and went to a really good school. (She was actually pretty cute too!)

I chose a package that included a check-up, cleaning and x-rays.

Booking my appointment couldn’t have been easier. You just click the available time and date that you want, fill out a little information and BOOM – you are booked.

You then receive an email stating that your appointment is pending and that you will be receiving an email confirmation shortly. My email confirmation came the next morning during business hours. I then received a reminder email one business day before my appointment and a reminder email the morning of my appointment, so I was very confident that when I showed up at the dentist they would be expecting me. (They were.)

Brighter smile
Booking with Brighter made me feel like this.

The dentist I chose was fantastic – she spent a lot of time with me and was extremely thorough. Her office was very clean and modern and her assistant was friendly and helpful. It was about as good as going to the dentist gets. (She even told me red wine was essential to a happy life after a certain age. Now that’s my kind of dentist!)

Brighter is only in Los Angeles County, but they will be doing a national roll-out soon.

I’m doing my very first give-a-way!

What about you? Have you been to the dentist lately? How would you like to win a $199 credit from Brighter?

Don’t need to go to the dentist? Well, perhaps you’re like me – living a happy life filled with red wine and coffee and have been thinking how nice it would be to have a teeth whitening treatment.

You can use the $199 credit for that too!

All you have to do is click on this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember, Brighter is only in Los Angeles County, so please only enter if you live in the LA area. (Or are willing to travel there to see the dentist!)

*Brighter.com picked up the tab on my trip to the dentist, however all opinions (including red wine + coffee = happy life) are my own.

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