The Beauty of Pinterest

Like most women I like beautiful things…

Bradley Cooper

Yeah, I chose a picture of Bradley Cooper shirtless. You’re welcome.




You can totally see me wearing this, right?







And since Dave won’t let me date – which is the only reason I’m not Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend (obviously)…

or buy me diamonds – due to the violence and price fixing, not because he doesn’t think I’m worth it (so he says)…

if I want a little beauty in my every day life, Pinterest it is.

But, lately it seems Pinterest is starting to become a bit like Bradley Cooper and diamonds – unattainable.

I mean, I’ll never wear this little black dress…




My backyard will never look like this…

All that’s missing is a cabana boy with umbrella drinks.



Or this…

When do I move in?



And 35 years of applying make-up has never once resulted in anything that’s ever looked remotely close to this…

Gorgeous! (But I think if I tried it I’d look like a suburban hooker.)



But there is one thing I can do…

I can cook.

So lately I’ve been turning my Pinterest attention towards food. Beautiful, yummy, delicious food. Crock-pot meals. Appetizers. Desserts. I have been pinning away like crazy. And I’ve even made some of the recipes. Although I’m not sure my efforts would actually be called a success.

First I tried this crock-pot recipe for Mongolian Beef. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

A crock-pot meal my kids would actually eat.



This is what happened when I made it…

Uh… not quite like the picture



In my defense it was Dave who got it from the crock-pot to the table. But still. I don’t think a pretty plate would have saved it. It’s no small wonder that Marley would not eat it. (Chandler however thought it was delicious.)

Then I tried this…

This is about as gorgeous as food gets.



Mine was almost as pretty…

Pinterest inspired tomato peach burrata salad
Not too bad



Except my balsamic reduction sauce didn’t really caramelize and came out rather runny. And the heirloom tomatoes weren’t as flavorful ask I’d hoped. (Maybe because I cheated and got them at Trader Joe’s instead of the Farmer’s Market.)

I was starting to feel like a Pinterest failure. My food was either ugly and tasty or beautiful and meh. There had to be some way I could bring the beauty of Pinterest into my real life.

And then I found it. Something I could do. Something attainable. Something I could make useful. Beautiful even.

I took my kitchen drawer stuffed full of plastic bags…

This is one heck of a mess!



And folded them like little flags. Now my plastic bag drawer looks like this…

Home organization at it’s finest!



Yeah, I can fold a plastic bag like nobody’s business!

It may not be nearly as beautiful as this…

I might or might not have a Bradley Cooper (Secret) Pinterest Board



But at least it’s attainable.

Follow me on Pinterest and find out what else I think is beautiful

Have you ever tried anything you’ve seen on Pinterest?

Photo credits: Bradley Cooper, Diamond bodysuit, Pinterest, Little Black Dress, Backyard with pool, Outdoor living room, Smokey eyes, Mongolian Beef, Tomato Peach Burrata salad

7 thoughts on “The Beauty of Pinterest

  1. Hi – No, I have never tried anything on Pinterest, but after seeing those pictures of Bradley Cooper, I’m in!! Thank you – you made my day! πŸ™‚

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