What’s on Your Twitter Feed?

Marley has a friend (who shall remain nameless) who recently sent her this text:

Hey… wait a minute…


Now that’s some funny shit. And it seems like it would be completely accurate. I mean what else is Twitter for but:

  • Stalking your daughter’s rants & band obsessions
  • Tweeting to wineries about how awesome they are in hopes they will mistake you for someone who is influential and send you a free case of their wine (hasn’t happened yet, but a girl can dream)
  • Retweeting @dailyhotguy’s half-naked hot dude pics (If you are unfamiliar with @dailyhotguy here’s one their tweets from Thanksgiving – that I did not retweet, BTW!)
Um, yep, even with a silly turkey hat, shirtless Henry Cavill is still hot!

But the thing is…

Hey. Hey! Quit looking at Henry! Get your eyes back on the words. Thank you.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah. The thing is, while it seems like that would be an accurate portrayal of my Twitter feed, it really isn’t. At least not lately.

Recently I’ve tweeted about…

Authors’ books or writers’ websites (and okay, okay, maybe my book or website)

So… I might be a tad self-promoting


Country music lyrics (don’t judge)

I can’t believe Jake Owen didn’t tweet me back professing his undying love for me!


Bradley Cooper

That Barbara Walters is a hussy!


Yeah, I know. My tweets are kind of lame.

And, okay, I do tweet about wine, but not that much.

tweets about wine
So far no free cases of wine.


And the last time I tweeted a picture of a half-naked dude was in July. Of 2014!!!

Yep! Totally worth it!


So, while hilariously funny, I don’t think Marley’s friend’s assessment of my Twitter feed is all that accurate. Though perhaps if it was my feed would be more interesting.

(Note to self: More tweets about half naked dudes and wine!)


You can find me on Twitter as @rossgirl08. And here are some other super cool people to follow: @BookStarDaily, @dailyhotguy, @kimtracyprince, & @theskimm

P.S. Sorry for the uber shitty quality of my Twitter snips. Going to see if I can fix that. (You know, in all my free time!) 🙂





6 thoughts on “What’s on Your Twitter Feed?

  1. To be fair, she did say your Twitter *media tab* which, I don’t actually know what that is. Maybe it’s something the kids say. Either way, this is pretty fucking funny. And thanks for the shout out to my own twitter! You’re one of my favorites to follow, too!

  2. Your tweets are as far from lame as Pluto is from Earth.
    (Even when Pluto isn’t a planet.)

    You crack me up, lady. I love you and country music and wine and hot guys and #FROSTEDCOWBOY.

    The end.

    p.s. I think I know what the media tab is. How is it possible I do and you and KTP don’t?
    Or maybe I’m wrong. Probably I’m wrong. But isn’t it the box on the left of your profile page with Video and Pictures you’ve shared? 🙂

    • I thought that might be what it is, but then I thought no because it doesn’t “say” media, but I guess it “is” media – so you’re probably right! (But also then also I looked at that and not so many hot guys or wine. Not nearly enough anyway!) 🙂

  3. Media tab? There’s a media tab on Twitter? Goodness, I guess I’m NOT in the “know” of such things. 🙂 Also, I always feel my tweets are lame, too, so I can relate. On the bright side, however, the “Daily Hot Guy” is definitely a plus.

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